Attempting an Urban Garden

When we moved we were so excited to be gaining some outdoor space.  We’ve loved having outdoor living space to lounge and eat on in the past and Jeff has been wanting to get a veggie garden going for awhile.  The outdoor space we’re working with has been a challenge.  We’re not working with a yard that gets lots of direct sunlight.  Our two patios aren’t very big and back up to loud road noise but we were stoked to start gardening right away so we went for it.  First, I scrubbed and painted the cement dark blue.  I could be biased but I think it looks one gazillion times better.  Next, we added planter boxes and strung cord for tomato vines.  We topped it off with a notice from our HOA stating our garden violated the rules and it needed to be removed.  I could go into a rant as to why this is absurd but I’m non-confrontational so we just took it down and have been trying a few new ways to rebuild that don’t get us in trouble.

urban garden

Our second attempt was in line with the rules but hasn’t yielded much.  Very few, very small tomatoes were harvested after a lot of work.  The silver lining is that those few, tiny tomatoes were delish.  We ate ’em up pretty quickly.  Jeff thinks our small harvest is because he used top soil instead of raised bed soil or maybe because the weather wasn’t quite as warm as it should have been when he planted them.

urban garden

We’re on attempt number 3.  The current set up is a vertical garden using a wood pallet as a support. The pallet has sunflowers, peppers, beans, green onions, spinach and salad mix starting to sprout up with succulents sprinkled in.  Our potted plants are doing pretty good too.  The mango tree has held up really well from being transplanted, moved multiple times and pruned so it’s not been all death and destruction.  The garden isn’t as big as were hoping it would be but each time a new method is attempted we are learning some good lessons.

We eat a lot of produce and would love to be able to grow some of it ourselves to save on groceries.  After multiple attempts we’ve got a lot invested in the garden so it might be awhile before we start saving. I really love the coziness the greenery brings to the patio.  Our patio has been a struggling wannabe jungalow but I think it’s coming around and I am so excited to eat what grows!

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