Welcome to Halcyon Home Made, my name is Rachel and I’m so honored you’ve stopped by my tiny little corner of the internet.  I hope you’ll be inspired and encouraged by what you find.  My vision for this blog is to make simple living and minimalism practices feel less intimidating and more purposeful.  By resisting conspicuous consumerism and comparison we can encourage each other to find contentment and choose gratitude when there are messages all around urging us to feel less.

I don’t live in a Yurt or on a homestead out in the country.  I live in an urban neighborhood of San Diego, California with my husband, Jeff and son, Sam.  I graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Tourism, Convention and Event Management and after 7 years of coordinating international travel, weddings, social and corporate events I left work to stay home when Sam was born in 2016.  I am living a life I have never envisioned for myself.  I always saw myself as a proud workaholic career woman who may have never had kids.  Now my daily routines revolve around diaper changes, feedings, play and housework.  Some days I am very uncomfortable with my reality and somedays I’m so in love with it I am constantly thanking God for allowing me the opportunity to stay home. My husband, Jeff, is a very talented photojournalist who loves telling stories in both still images and video.  He cheers me on no matter how I’m feeling and helps me to discover my strengths and calling in each day.

Living intentionally has been a way Jeff and I have been able to achieve goals that seemed way far off and out of reach.  We credit them as miracles and also see how showing up to work hard and be good stewards of our time and finances has helped position us to be able to take risks when needed.

Our simple living lifestyle has helped us get REAL familiar with delayed gratification.  We rarely buy new clothes, shop mostly second hand when we have a need, eat almost all our meals at home and live on a budget.  These daily sacrifices have allowed us to live debt free, run our own businesses, travel the world, move across the country to a city we love, take up new hobbies, live on a single income, have flexible schedules, volunteer in our community, support causes we care about and purchase a home.  Our current dream is to grow our family and for me to continue to stay home to raise more kids.  It’s not going to be easy as we are in a high cost of living area on an inconsistent freelance income.  We give all credit to God for providing and see how when we’ve surrendered our lives, dreams and striving we’ve gained more peace, purpose and joy than when we were trying to run the show.

My greatest values are my faith in Jesus, spending quality time with people I love, living a healthy lifestyle and being hospitable by using what God has blessed us with to help others.  Deep and meaningful conversations fill me up and creating beautiful things with my hands makes me giddy.  I am easily intoxicated by home design but try to use that passion for creating a space where people can gather, connect and grow in community.  I have a weakness for decorative pillows, candles, handmade items and practical antiques. I enjoy learning to surf but don’t go often enough to get any better.  Small, soft waves are my thing.  I’ve been a monthly contributor for San Diego Mom’s Blog since it launched in 2016 and I’m looking forward to sharing more of my thoughts here.  I hope you’ll join me in the conversation.