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Creative + Conscious New Year’s Resolutions

In 2018 I’m looking forward to making time to do the things that are life giving to me. From trying out a few new recipes to making items with my hands, I’m taking a goal-a-month approach to help me embrace a more creative and conscious year. The motivation is high right now and I’m hoping […]

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An Easy & Non-Intimidating Zero Waste Grocery Shopping Kit

Let me be the first to admit that I am far from living a zero waste lifestyle. There are plenty of plastic free habits I would like to adopt but haven’t quite succeeded in. Grocery shopping has been one of the easiest ways we’ve been able to reduce the amount of garbage we toss out, has helped us make healthier choices and saved […]

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5 Tips for a Successful “No Spend” Month

Jeff and I have relied on self employment, contract and freelance income for years, which has caused us to take a more cautious approach to our finances and spending. About 1 year into our marriage we set a goal to move and as a result we came up with a “no spend” challenge to help us save up […]

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mom diaper hack

My Minimalist Mom Hacks

As I attempt to navigate motherhood and avoid making any more purchases than neccesary, I’ve become a hacker.  I hack furniture, clothing, technology, you name it – to get a bit more use out of what I already have.  These little tricks have served me well so far. 1. CHANGING TABLE: One of our bathrooms has […]

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cohesive home

Finding Our Cohesive Home

In November 2016 I wrote a guest post sharing my family’s story on the Cohesive Home blog.  If you’ve never written out your story, I highly recommend it.  It’s extremely helpful in reflecting on past experiences and in some cases, seeing the silver lining to past struggles. In my post on Cohesive Home I had mentioned we were […]

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thrift store finds

Why Second Hand is Becoming My First Choice

Anyone who has ever been surprised to find something amazing at a thrift store or garage sale can attest—there are high quality items in great shape for a sliver of the cost of buying new.  It’s these little wins that have fostered my love of shopping second hand.  It’s natural to want, or default, to buying […]

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urban garden

Attempting an Urban Garden

When we moved we were so excited to be gaining some outdoor space.  We’ve loved having outdoor living space to lounge and eat on in the past and Jeff has been wanting to get a veggie garden going for awhile.  The outdoor space we’re working with has been a challenge.  We’re not working with a yard […]

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podcast chat

God&Me Podcast Chat

On May 3rd I was invited to be on an episode of the God & Me podcast to talk about simple living and minimalism.  Any form of public speaking makes me a bit nervous but I really enjoyed trying to articulate my thoughts about how my husband and I have used simplicity and minimalism as a […]

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Upcycle crib mattress to patio bed

Form + Function : My Favorite Upcycles

I’m design-minded but beyond just enjoying aesthetics I try to find opportunities to bring together my appreciation for pretty things and the sustainability of a good upcycle.  I also REALLY love making things with my hands so anytime I have the opportunity to get the slightest bit crafty I try to take full advantage.  I’ve found […]

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upcycle jars

Declutter: Under the Sink

Despite being a place for cleaning products, the cabinet space under the kitchen and bathroom sinks was easily one of our more messy spaces.  With a mobile and curious baby in the house I want to minimize the amount of chemicals we’re using to make for a safer home environment.  It’s also a bit annoying having to rummage around to find […]

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